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Understanding and Using Educational Theories

Understanding and Using Educational Theories

Understanding And Using Educational Theories

ISBN 10 : 9781473952522
ISBN 13 : 1473952522

" I expect that this book will equip and inspire students to engage first-hand with the texts of these creative and influential educational writers."-David Aldridge, Programme Lead..

Understanding And Using Challenging Educational Theories

ISBN 10 : 9781526412621
ISBN 13 : 1526412624

Some of the most important developments in educational thought have been put forward by theorists who have challenged existing notions about the aims of education and its role in s..

Learning Theories Simplified

ISBN 10 : 9781473962224
ISBN 13 : 1473962226

Are you struggling to get your head around John Dewey’s educational pragmatism? What exactly is Jean Piaget saying about cognitive development? Maybe you’re running out of time..

Learning Theories In Childhood

ISBN 10 : 9781473933781
ISBN 13 : 1473933781

Focusing on the early philosophies of learning and key behavioural, cognitive, and social theorists, including Locke, Rousseau, Montessori, Piaget, Vygotsky, Bandura, Bronfenbrenne..

Learning With E S

ISBN 10 : 9781845909611
ISBN 13 : 1845909615

In an age where young people seem to have a natural affinity with smartphones, computer games and social media, teachers and lecturers face a big challenge - or a golden opportunit..

Theories Of Childhood Second Edition

ISBN 10 : 9781605542485
ISBN 13 : 1605542482

Examine the work of five groundbreaking education theorists—John Dewey, Maria Montessori, Erik Erikson, Jean Piaget, and Lev Vygotsky—in relation to early childhood. Theories o..

Educational Theories Cultures And Learning

ISBN 10 : 9780415491181
ISBN 13 : 0415491185

Educational Theories, Cultures and Learning focuses on how education is understood in different cultures, the theories and related assumptions we make about learners and students a..


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