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Thirteen Reasons Why



“Eerie, beautiful, and devastating.” —Chicago Tribune

“A stealthy hit with staying power. . . . thriller-like pacing.” —The New York Times

Thirteen Reasons Why will leave you with chills long after you have finished reading.” —Amber Gibson, NPR’s “All Things Considered”

You can’t stop the future. 

You can’t rewind the past.
The only way to learn the…

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Th1rteen R3asons Why

Pub Date : 2011-06 | Author : Jay Asher | Publisher :

ISBN 10 : 1606869914
ISBN 13 : 9781606869918

Includes interview with the author and town map on reverse of dust jacket...

Thirteen Reasons Why 10th Anniversary Edition

Pub Date : 2016-12-27 | Author : Jay Asher | Publisher : Penguin

ISBN 10 : 9780451478269
ISBN 13 : 0451478266

**THE BOOK THAT STARTED IT ALL, NOW A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES** The #1 New York Times bestseller and modern classic that's been changing lives for a decade gets a gorgeous revamped..

Thirteen Reasons Why

Pub Date : 2010 | Author : Jay Asher | Publisher : Ernst Klett Sprachen

ISBN 10 : 3125780446
ISBN 13 : 9783125780446

Clay Jensen erhält ein Paket mit sieben Tonbandcassetten, besprochen von seiner Klassenkameradin Hannah Baker, die vor kuzem Selbstmord begangen hat. Während der Nacht, in der er..

Ready Reference Treatise Thirteen Reasons Why

Pub Date : 2016-09-24 | Author : Raja Sharma | Publisher : Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN 10 : 9781365418518
ISBN 13 : 1365418510

The novel very clearly shows that child-counselling or interaction between children and elders is an essential part of children’s life, otherwise, they often take decisions the c..

13 Reasons Why

Pub Date : 2017-06-27 | Author : Jay Asher | Publisher : Penguin

ISBN 10 : 9780451479327
ISBN 13 : 0451479327

Clay Jensen doesn't want anything to do with the tapes Hannah Baker made. Hannah is dead. Her secrets should be buried with her. Then Hannah's voice tells Clay that his name is on ..

The Future Of Us

Pub Date : 2012-01-05 | Author : Jay Asher | Publisher : Simon and Schuster

ISBN 10 : 9780857076083
ISBN 13 : 0857076086

From Jay Asher, the bestselling author of THIRTEEN REASONS WHY - now a Netflix TV show - and Carolyn Mackey, comes a story of friendship, destiny, and finding love. What if you cou..


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