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The Ultimate Oxbridge Interview Guide: Over 900 Past Interview Questions, 1…

How many grains of sand are there in the world? Why is DNA like sheet music? Can you hear silence?” These are examples of Real Questions that were asked in the 2014 Oxbridge interviews. Stumped? You don’t need to be! Published by the UKs Leading University Admissions Company, the Ultimate Oxbridge Interview Guide contains over 900 Oxbridge Interview Questions that have been asked over the last 5 years for 18 Subjects. Written for 2016 Entry, it provides Fully Worked Model Answers for over…

The Ultimate Oxbridge Interview Guide

ISBN 10 : 9781999857080
ISBN 13 : 1999857089

“How many grains of sand are there in the world?” “Why is DNA like sheet music?” “Can you hear silence?” These are examples of Real Questions that were asked in the 201..

Do You Think You Re Clever

ISBN 10 : 9781848311565
ISBN 13 : 1848311567

What happens if I drop an ant? What books are bad for you? What percentage of the world's water is contained in a cow? The Oxbridge undergraduate interviews are infamous for their ..

How To Get Into Oxbridge

ISBN 10 : 9780749463281
ISBN 13 : 0749463287

With competition to get into Oxbridge now so fierce, this book goes beyond standard application technique to focus on long-term development of intellectual potential including insi..

So You Want To Go To Oxbridge

ISBN 10 : 0955079772
ISBN 13 : 9780955079771

This comprehensive guide to Oxford and Cambridge applications is packed full of research-led insights and support for applicants, parents and teachers. Written by Oxbridge-graduate..

Bmat Past Paper Worked Solutions

ISBN 10 : 9781999857073
ISBN 13 : 1999857070

“Sometimes knowing the answer isn’t enough... ...you need to know HOW and WHY it’s correct” Whilst doing past papers is great practice- it’s important that you understand..

Do You Still Think You Re Clever

ISBN 10 : 9781848316300
ISBN 13 : 1848316305

From the ever-curious mind that brought you the bestselling Do You Think You’re Clever? comes a brand-new trip to the far reaches of the intellectual universe, courtesy of even m..

Think You Can Think

ISBN 10 : 0955079748
ISBN 13 : 9780955079740

This is a practical guide to cracking the Thinking Skills Assessment, an admissions test required for a number of courses at Oxford and Cambridge universities. The text gives stude..

The Ultimate Bmat Guide 600 Practice Questions

ISBN 10 : 0993231101
ISBN 13 : 9780993231100

Published by the UKs Leading Medical Admissions Company, the Ultimate BMAT Guide is the most comprehensive BMAT book available. Written for the 2016 Entry, it contains powerful tim..

Getting Into Oxford And Cambridge 2018 Entry

ISBN 10 : 1911067443
ISBN 13 : 9781911067443

Applying for one of the sought-after places at Oxford or Cambridge is a highly competitive process. With tips from successful applicants and admissions tutors, this guide is packed..


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