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My Underpants Rule

Teaching kids to protect themselves is CHILD’S PLAY! My Underpants RULE! empowers without needing to go into the darkness of this tricky topic through rhyming language, colourful illustrations, a super-hero theme and child-friendly humour. LOVED by kids and EASY for parents/carers and educators, it engages and effectively teaches “What’s under my PANTS belongs ONLY to ME!”. Reinforced by games and scenarios, it clearly defines what is appropriate and inappropriate, and ingrains what to do…

My Underpants Rule

ISBN 10 : 0992953006
ISBN 13 : 9780992953003

Rolf Harris, Jimmy Saville, Gary Glitter... Our children need education for protection and parents need engaging tools to do this. My Underpants Rule! is fun, bright and lively, en..

My Underpants Rule

ISBN 10 : 0992953014
ISBN 13 : 9780992953010


My Body Belongs To Me

ISBN 10 : 9781575425948
ISBN 13 : 1575425947

Without being taught about body boundaries, a child may be too young to understand when abuse is happening—or that it’s wrong. This straightforward, gentle book offers a tool p..

It S My Body

ISBN 10 : 0943990033
ISBN 13 : 9780943990033

Discusses the different types of touching and offers advice on how to react to unwanted touching...

Teach Your Kids To Shrug

ISBN 10 : 098758135X
ISBN 13 : 9780987581358


You Re Different Jemima

ISBN 10 : 0994501021
ISBN 13 : 9780994501028


Raymond And Graham Rule The School

ISBN 10 : 9781440634475
ISBN 13 : 1440634475

Best friends Raymond and Graham have waited their whole lives for fourth grade, when they?ll rule the school at East Millcreek Elementary. But things don?t go quite as planned when..


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