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How to Survive Your First Year in Teaching

How to Survive Your First Year in Teaching

How To Survive Your First Year In Teaching

ISBN 10 : 9781441169204
ISBN 13 : 1441169202

So you've finished your teacher training and found yourself a job . . . the hard bit is over right? But, hold on, how do you actually survive your FIRST YEAR in teaching?! The NQT ..

100 Ideas For Surviving Your First Year In Teaching

ISBN 10 : 9781441189516
ISBN 13 : 1441189513

Laura-Jane Fisher provides one hundred ideas on how to survive the first year of teaching. This book deals with a wide range of issues from coping with the long working hours and m..

Your First Year

ISBN 10 : 9781317296850
ISBN 13 : 1317296850

Learn all the essentials for making your first year of teaching a success! In this exciting new book, internationally renowned educator Todd Whitaker teams up with his daughters--M..

How To Survive Your First Year As A Teacher

ISBN 10 : 9781304562517
ISBN 13 : 1304562514

Surviving your first year as a teacher can definitely be a difficult thing to do. There are tons of things to learn, and the faculties of education can only teach you a limited amo..

Finding Success The First Year

ISBN 10 : 9781607097334
ISBN 13 : 1607097338

New teachers have it tough. They have a very difficult and complex job, and they must learn how to do it in front of a studio audience of unruly adolescents, anxious parents, and w..

How To Be Successful In Your First Year Of Teaching College

ISBN 10 : 9781601382191
ISBN 13 : 1601382197

With the help of this book you can achieve not only your perfect first day, but a successful and productive first year as well. You will learn to take control of your classroom and..

La R Volution Holacracy

ISBN 10 : 9791092928518
ISBN 13 :

AVANT-PROPOS DE BERNARD MARIE CHIQUET, IGI PARTNERS "Le modèle Holacracy a bouleversé mon univers" David Allen Voici enfin un ouvrage du créateur de Holacracy, qui montre le fon..


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