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Muslim Schools Communities And Critical Race Theory

ISBN 10 : 9781137443977
ISBN 13 : 1137443979

This book explores the position of Muslim schools in contemporary Britain. A Critical Race Theory approach is used to consider some of the specific issues faced by Muslim schools, ..

Critical Race Theory

ISBN 10 : 1566397146
ISBN 13 : 9781566397148

In this wide-ranging second edition, Richard Delgado and Jean Stefancic bring together the finest, most illustrative, and highly accessible articles in the fast-growing legal genre..

Critical Race Theory Third Edition

ISBN 10 : 9781479846368
ISBN 13 : 1479846368

Updated to include the Black Lives Matter movement, the presidency of Barack Obama, the rise of hate speech on the Internet, and more. Since the publication of the first edition of..


ISBN 10 : 9789463007795
ISBN 13 : 9463007792

The 9/11 terror attacks and the ensuing War on Terror have profoundly impacted Muslim communities across North America. Islamophobia: Understanding Anti-Muslim Racism through the L..

Economy Difference Empire

ISBN 10 : 9780231526296
ISBN 13 : 0231526296

Sourcing the major traditions of progressive Christian social ethics-social gospel liberalism, Niebuhrian realism, and liberation theology-Gary Dorrien argues for the social-ethica..

Iss 2 Identity Education And Belonging

ISBN 10 : 0522859925
ISBN 13 : 9780522859928

Identity, Education and Belonging examines the social and educational experiences of Arab and Muslim Australian youth against a wider political backdrop. Arab and Muslim Australian..

The Religion Of Law

ISBN 10 : 9781137029294
ISBN 13 : 1137029293

How is religion, particularly non-Christianness, conceptualised and represented in English law? What is the relationship between religion, race, ethnicity and culture in these conc..