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Debating Thesis Supervision

ISBN 10 : 1920338810
ISBN 13 : 9781920338817

Debating Thesis Supervision features chapters on the topic of thesis supervision by departmental members and three academics, which together provide a rich and compelling line of a..

Pushing Boundaries In Postgraduate Supervision

ISBN 10 : 9781920689155
ISBN 13 : 192068915X

This book is a very important contribution to the growing body of work on postgraduate, and specifically doctoral, education ... I find the metaphor of pushing boundaries to be ver..

Postgraduate Supervision

ISBN 10 : 9781928357216
ISBN 13 : 1928357210

The 24 chapters contained in this volume provide diverse but also congruent perspectives on future foci for research into postgraduate education and supervision in the knowledge so..

Postgraduate Study In South Africa

ISBN 10 : 9781928357230
ISBN 13 : 1928357237

The book explores concerns about the lack of higher education transformation around issues of equity, curriculum reform, language and race, and how students navigate higher educati..

Women Supervising And Writing Doctoral Theses

ISBN 10 : 9780739182161
ISBN 13 : 0739182161

Walking on the Grass brings to life women’s experiences during their doctoral study and the experiences of women who supervise doctoral students. Sensations, reflections, and ima..

Feminists And Queer Theorists Debate The Future Of Cms

ISBN 10 : 9781786354983
ISBN 13 : 1786354985

'What is CMS and what is its future?' is a question that has beguiled and frustrated academics within and outside its community. Using ideas from feminist and queer theory, here, a..